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The Brown Shrike (Lanius cristatus) at Deltebre, Tarragona. 1st for Spain

Aspect of the area where the bird was seen. Deltebre, Tarragona, 9.1.2015 (Ricard Gutiérrez) A bird was seen at the suburban areas of Deltebre, Tarragona, by the river Ebre, on 6.1.2015 (Iain Hartley). The bird was seen intermitently and was elusive. Many local birders visited the area until 10.1.2015 without further relocation of the bird. Until 9.2.2015 (see below). After contacting the observer, Iain supplied a full account of the observation included below plus record shots of the bird in the bushes which show a bird which looks like a medium sized shrike. 1st contact was made on 31.12.2014 . Iain Hartley account as follows with our capitals or bolds: Since there don't seem to have been any further records, I thought I should contact you around the circumstances of the finding of the brown shrike in Deltebre and explain why I was not able to release the news sooner.  On 31st December , I went for a short walk along the River Ebre from my wife's family hous

Common Yellowthroat Geothlypis trichas 'Rarest of the Rare' 2014

The record of a male Common Yellowthroat in Trebujena,Cádiz on 19.9.2014 afternoon by Juan de Dios Andrade has won the poll 'Rarest of the Rare 2014' in Spain, with 72 votes, 52% of the total. 137 votes have been collected and this American vagrant has beaten 2nd classified, the Girona December 2014 Pygmy Cormorant, also a 1st for Spain (29 votes, 21%) and the 3rd, the Fuerteventura Abyssinian Roller from June with 21 votes, 15%. Details of the original observation as reported in the website are repeated below. All three podium species have been 1sts for the country. Congratulations and thanks for voting.  *** Mascarita común, 'la más rara de las raras 2014'. La cita del macho de Mascarita común en Trebujena, Cádiz, el 19.9.2014 (Juan de Dios Andrade) ha ganado la encuesta 'El más raro de los raros 20140, con 72 votos, el 52% del total. Se han recogido un total de 137 votos y este divagante americano, primera cita para España, ha quedado por dela