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Spanish Atlantic seawatching most productive cruise cancelled. Help needed

Wilson's Storm Petrel ( Oceanites oceanicus ) off Cariño, August 2008 © Juan Sagardía. Featured in August 2008 page of Rare Birds in Spain with other observations In the recent years, every August chronicle of Rare Birds in Spain has been crowded with stunning records and photos of rare seabirds recorded off Estaca de Bares and Ortegal capes. One of the best, if not the best, pelagic seawatch in W Europe even outnumbering in target species and numbers those reference venues from Britai, is about to dissapear forever. The ' Aula do Mar ' service offered by Cariño town council, in the A Coruña province, Galicia, just in the Estaca de Bares and Ortegal capes area (NW Spain corner) has been cancelled by the new government of the Cariño town council . Despite arguments on economic sustainability of the service have been argued, it is not clear if the benefits coming from touristic impact, knowledge of the ' Cariño ' name abroad and putting this small 4800 inhabitants