Mostrando entradas de febrero, 2013

Leucistic Sturnus as a pitfall for Rosy Starling

Rosy Starling ( Pastor roseus ) is a rarity in Spain despite there are annual records of the species (28 records/birds in mainland and Balearics up to 2010 plus another in the Canary Islands, Source: @CR_SEO). Besides well marked adults, some moulting individuals from juvenile/1w plumages to adult also occur with rather frequency. However, some distant pale and black starlings are not always true Rosy Starlings but can be leucistic starlings. In recent times there have been at least three cases of Spotless Starlings ( Sturnus unicolor ) showing extensive white areas in underparts and mantle: 1. Sturnus unicolor , Valencia, 9 February 2013 (Javier Sánchez at SVO forum ) © Javier Sánchez 2. Sturnus sp. (c.f. unicolor) , Aldea del Rey, c.10 February 2013 ( Gustavo Barba Alcaide blog ) © Gustavo Barba 3. Sturnus unicolor , Odiel marshes, Huelva, 17 February 2013 (Marie Montalva and  José Luís Anguita,  reported to this blog) © Marie Montalva, José Luís Anguita