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Buff-breasted Sandpipers in Spain Autumn 2010

Photo above:© Toni Alcocer 13.9.2010 An influx of Buff-breasted Sandpipers ( Tryngites subruficollis ) took place in Spain in September-October 2010. About 18 different birds were reported in September 2010 and 7 additional new individuals in October 2010. In comparison, De Juana (2006) gives only 28 accepted records up to 2004 in the whole of the country and 43 up to 2007 (Mainland and Balearics: 35 records/39 individuals; Canary Islands: 7 records/7 individuals; Dies et al 2009 Ardeola 56(2):309-344). Hence the 25 birds reported so far in Spain this Autumn 2010 is a notable number (40 reported in UK & Ireland in September as a comparison, Source: Birding World). Unlike the proportion of records shown in De Juana (2006) with a larger number of records in Galicia compared to E Spain and a lack of records from central Spain, the distribution of Autumn 2010 records seem to show a 'wave' moving N to South and crossing all over Spain, perhaps after having reached Europe furth