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Fregetta tropica, rarest of the rare 2011 [el más raro de los raros]

The Black-bellied Storm-Petrel ( Fregetta tropica ), 1st for Spain and 2nd for the Western Palearctic seen on 10.9.2011 c.40 nautic miles N of Lanzarote at Banco de la Concepción area has been voted in this blog as the rarest of the rare birds seen in Spain in 2011. The 83 people voting in the blog poll have given 36 votes to this species, 3 more than the 2nd contestant, the also 1st for Spain and extremely rare Stejneger's Scoter ( Melanitta deglandi stejnegeri ) seen in Pontevedra coasts in December 2011. 3rd position of this incredible year went to Thayer's Gull ( Larus thayeri ), also from Galicia, gathering 22 votes. Thank you everybody for taking part in the contest. Both 1st and 2nd place winners appear in the animated image of the Rarebirdspain website already with previous highlights of the so far XXI century rarities in Spain. The unique photo of Miguel Rouco of the Fregetta is reproduced again below as an homage to this superb sighting!   El   PaíñoVentrineg