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Rarest birds of the year 2010 in Spain

Spain has experienced a very good year for rarities in 2010. Within the amount of observations gathered in Rare Birds in Spain recent report pages, we've selected 22 of those, with The rarest of the rare: an overview of 2010 rare bird highlights in Spain in the website

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  • CANDIDATE 1 Branta hutchinsii at Badajoz, January 2010
Photo above:© Antonio Ceballos. 2.1.2010

  • CANDIDATE 2 Bucephala albeola at Cantabria, January - March 2010

Photo above:© Luis Eduardo Molina. 7.1.2010

  • CANDIDATE 3 Megaceryle alcyon at Murcia, relocated on January 2010 and present until March 2010

Photo above:© Kris de Rouck 17.1.2010

  • CANDIDATE 4 Falco rusticolus at Asturies, February 2010

Photo above:© Juan Sagardia. February 2010
  • CANDIDATE 5 Larus smithsonianus at Madrid on February - May 2010
Photo above:© Delfín González. 7.2.2010

  • CANDIDATE 6 Motacilla flava feldegg 'superciliaris' at Lanzarote on March 2010

Photos above:© Juan Sagardía. 19-21.3.2010

  • CANDIDATE 7 Sylvia rueppellii at Cabrera Island on April 2010

Photo above:© David Cuenca .21.4.201

  • CANDIDATE 8 Phylloscopus orientalis at Llobregat Delta on April 2010
Photo above:© Joan Castelló. 17.4.2010

  • CANDIDATE 9 Phoenicurus moussieri at Grazalema, Cádiz on April 2010

Photo above:© José Arnal & Paco Torres per Andalucian Bird Society

  • CANDIDATE 10 Somateria spectabilis at Mar Menor, Murcia on May 2010
Photo above:© Antonio Hernández. 14.5.2010

  • CANDIDATE 11 Oenanthe oenanthe seebohmi at Gran Canaria on June 2010
Photos above:© José García Monzón. 19.6.2010

  • CANDIDATE 12 Pterodroma cf feae sightings off A Coruña August - November 2010
During August to November, a number of sightings of Pterodroma feae/madeira were collected in the waters off A Coruña, 1-2 offshore but the rest from Estaca de Bares in an unprecedented set of observations of this taxon in Spain and probably the 1st in mainland Europe involving two birds altogether.
  • CANDIDATE 13 Oceanodroma castro off A Coruña August 2010

Photo above:© Antonio Gutiérrez. 22.8.2010
  • CANDIDATE 14 Sula sula off Málaga August 2010

  • CANDIDATE 15 Phaeton aethereus off Estaca de Bares, A Coruña September 2010
The species has even bred in the Canary islands but watching one from mainland Europe is another thing. Much to the desperation of would-be observers, only three fortunate birdwatchers hold this 'blocker' for those maintaining an Iberian list.
  • CANDIDATE 16 Calidris acuminata at Albufera de Valencia, September - October 2010

Photo above:© Toni Alcocer 30.9.2010

  • CANDIDATE 17 Oenanthe isabellina at Cabrera island, October 2010
Photo above:© Eduardo Amengual 8.10.2010
  • CANDIDATE 18 Dolichonyx oryzivorus at Lanzarote, October - December 2010
Photos above:© J. Sagardía 21.10.2010
  • CANDIDATE 19 Oenanthe isabellina influx, November 2010
Photo above:© Xabier Varela 2.11.2010

  • CANDIDATE 20 Tarsiger cyanurus, Alicante, December 2010
Photos above:© Jacobo Antonio Ramos . 1.12.2010
  • CANDIDATE 21 Sula sula L'Empordà, Girona, December 2010
Photo above:© Ricard Gutiérrez 6.12.2010
  • CANDIDATE 22 Porzana marginalis Las Navas de la Concepción, Sevilla,December 2010
Photo above:© Antonio García Márquez 12.12.2010
  • CANDIDATE 23 Bombycilla garrulus 'influx' at Asturies, December 2010
Photo above:© Manuel Fernández Pajuelo 18.12.2010

  • CANDIDATE 24 Tarsiger cyanurus, Tordera river, Girona, December 2010
Photo above: Toni Alonso © 29.12.2010

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And the winner was.... SULA SULA from L'Estartit, Girona!

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